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These courses can easily be integrated into your normal day. Simply requires a minimum of 15 minutes a day of pure intention but as with all things the more time you dedicate to yourself and the process, the greater the result.

No – You can do the meditation practice at any time during the day, although it is essential to create space and time to allow yourself to relax and unwind.  Many have found that the period before sleep is a good, quiet time to relax and focus on self.  This will allow the process to continue as you sleep, maximising potential outcomes.  Note- It is not recommended to listen to hertz music whilst operating a motor vehicle or machinery.

No – I limit the amount of information I give to you deliberately as I want to keep you out of the mind as much as possible. Setting an intention is exceptionally powerful and all that is needed to release and create space for healing to take place. If there is a need for you to understand something that is arising, your highest self will find a way for it to be shown to you.

It is highly recommended that you allow your body to release all that it needs, with as little resistance as possible. It has been my experience that it is the resistance of letting go that is harder to handle than the releasing itself. It will vary according to the individuals life’s experiences but I’m also very confident that the body will only release what the participant is capable of handling. If deep suppressed trauma arises that a participant hasn’t been previously aware of and this process becomes too overwhelming – It is highly recommended you seek outside support from a professional doctor or counsellor to help you with your discovery.

The programmes have been deliberately spaced out, with time between, so that you can allow yourself some time to fully integrate the work you have done. But as healing time varies from person to person, please feel into your own wisdom to know whether you are ready to move onto the next level of clearing. If you miss a level you are always able to restart later down the track and pick up where you left off. Listen to your divine guidance for what is best for you.

Hertz is the standard unit of measurement used for measuring frequency.

Sound frequencies can shift the body from lower to a higher vibration to release energetic blockages inducing harmony in the body. Also well known for synchronizing brain waves to achieve profound states of relaxation restoring a normal vibratory frequency to the cells of the body.

Definitely – It is very beneficial for everyone to listen to the music provided in all the courses. It has been reported that previous participants have seen huge improvement by playing the hertz music in the background in their home on a daily basis.

Light Codes are information held as energy in higher frequency. We all have what is known as a Divine Blueprint – This is also known as Light Codes.

When someone has done enough work, activated within themselves, has full access to their own divine blueprint/ light codes, and have mastered the ability to hold this frequency, they are then able to transmit and send those high-level frequencies to others.

Galactic chakras connect the physical body to the greater energy field of the universe.

An eternal, omnipotent, conscious, and intelligent being who is one’s real self. It is said that our highest self exists outside of this time and matrix waiting to support you.

Egyptian translation for MerKaBa – Mer meaning Light – Ka meaning Soul – Ba meaning Body

Your Lightbody is sacred geometry surrounding the physical body.

Technical Issues

You should receive confirmation of your enrollment and then daily email
notifications once the course has commenced. The purpose of these emails is to let you know that the day’s lesson is now available. If you have not received these emails then please try the following:
  • Log into Your Account area and confirm that the email address is still correct.
  • Check your Spam / Junk folder in your email program.
  • Check with your email provider to see if the message is being rejected. If the message is being rejected, your email provider should be able to tell you why.

If you continue to be unable to receive emails, remember
that you can always log directly into your Your Account and view your courses and the lessons available to you.

Look for the LOGIN button located at the top of every page on our website and click on it. Underneath the username and password fields there is a “Forgot My Password” link. Click this and follow the instructions to reset your password.

Wait 20 minutes and then try again.

If you are still locked out then try clearing the cookies in your Browser.

If you have waited 20 minutes and cleared the cookies in your browser and still can’t login, then please perform a search in Google using the phrase “whats my ip address”. Google will provide you with a series of digits. These digits are your IP address.  Copy your IP address and use the contact form on this website to provide the following:

  • Your Name:
  • Your IP Address:
  • A Description of the problem you are having.

You have most likely been redirected to the course overview page because you are not yet logged in. On the course page you should see a login form. Underneath the form, click the box marked “Remember Me”* before entering your login details, then click on the Log in button.

The page will refresh and you will be logged in. Scroll down to your list of lessons to view the lesson you want.

Alternatively, you can return to your email and click the link again and this time you will be taken to the correct page. If you have checked the “Remember Me” button, then you should find all subsequent lessons in your course will be available directly from the link in the email.

Our website will remember you for 15 days, so if your course is longer than 15 days, then you may need to log in again throughout the duration.

*PLEASE NOTE: You should only check the “Remember Me” button if you are using a trusted device. You should never check this option if you are on a public or work computer/device that is shared by others.

Although each stage in a course is designed to be undertaken across a period of 8 to 9 days, they are designed to be able to be repeated as often as you like. 

However, you will find that you have the option to “Mark Complete” each stage (or lesson) as you work through them. If you mark all of the lessons complete, then your course will display as being complete on your Account Page.. You may prefer to do this to help you keep track of your progress as you work through the lessons and courses.

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