Mastering The Mind

Mastering The Mind

Conception to 7 Years Old

All of your emotional reactivity and 95% of all programmes and beliefs are developed, formed and securely in place by the age of 7. This forms what is known as our “Emotional Body”.

In my professional life, it has become very clear all imbalances and dis-ease within the body is almost always linked to needing to heal experiences of our childhood.

In these formative years the brain operates in a THETA (hypnotic) state and by watching parents, siblings and community, you are constantly being hypnotized and imprinted. Mainly by the people you love, look up to and by your constant observation of the world directly around you.

The programmes you receive largely influences your ability to be successful in all areas of life, or they are the very reason one may constantly unknowingly sabotage our own success.

 The Inner Child often appears to us through a very overactive mind and nervous system. It has been my professional experience that the Ego Mind is directly linked to the Inner child.

We are all born in Perfection with a very strong connection to the Divine. Over time if this connection is not nurtured, it becomes corrupted and eventually hidden. One of the main reasons we are not able to access our divine nature, is the need to release the traumas and programming given to us by those who were also wounded and forgot their own light.

Mastering the Emotional Body
8 Day Activation

COMMENCING: 06/04/2022

Mastering the Mind is a great introduction and I recommend doing this course before any others.

A simple, yet powerful course that can easily be integrated into your day.                Requires a minimum of 15min a day of pure intention.  The ultimate way to end your day as you fall off to sleep!

You will Receive:

  1. Vital information to understand and connect to your INNERCHILD (like never before). As we begin to view ourselves from an Energetic, Multidimensional, and Universal Viewpoint.
  2. Daily emails containing:
    • Explanation and instructions on sequences and process to follow to support your clearing and release.
    • Daily Affirmations
    • Frequency Hertz music to support meditation or quiet practice
  3. Daily Energetic Clearing and Activations
  4. Daily Transmission of Galactic Light Codes

Mastering the Mind

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