Activating Your Lightbody

Sacred Geometry Merkaba

Many of us are now awakening from our deep slumber and starting to remember who we are. We have, over many centuries created the false illusion that we are limited beings. We have looked outside ourselves for centuries for others to who we felt were more advanced and have a unique capacity to converse with our God Source. This illusion gave away our power but is now crumbling as we are starting to remember our own connection to the DIVINE and the power that already exists within.

The light body and its full activation is the vehicle that is used for our soul to merge back in alignment with Source and to experience our natural God state.

Mer (Light) Ka (Body) Ba (Soul) – Egyptian translation “Known as the Chariot of the Soul and must be activated to achieve Ascension”.

The Galactic Chakra System

The Galactic Chakra System is the vehicle of your greatest transformation.

Each of the 33 Chakras comes with written information on location, purpose, affirmation, hertz frequency and light language that supports the opening, aligning, clearing and activation of each chakra.

In addition to the above – It will be my role to assist your daily clearing and expansion by holding space and transmitting light codes directly to you. This will assist you to whilst clearing and connecting. Providing the support to see yourself and your divinity much more clearly. (Light codes are Information held as energy in a higher frequency)

The 33 Galactic chakras have been divided into 4 sections. In between each level we have allocated approximately a week to allow for full integration before moving onto the next level. This time period will allow the physical body time to recalibrate and take rest.

These stages need to be done in order and it is highly encouraged to complete all four stages.

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If so then I recommend Mastering the Mind as a great introduction. Although not essential, you will reap benefits from doing this course before Activating Your Lightbody.

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Activating Your Lightbody : Chakras 1-8

Chakras 1-8 are the chakras that feed the four-body system, your Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Bodies. Primarily from the unconscious planes. Therefore, you are likely to feel much arising from the unconscious on each level.

DATE: 23/03/2022


Activating Your Lightbody : Chakras 9-16

Chakras 9-16 are the chakras that primarily feed the 7-body system. They are directly fed by the Sun, by the Solar energies on the planet and from all Source light that you draw from the Sun originating from Source. If you feel disconnected from Source and your ascended self then it is these chakras that need clearing and harmonizing.

Chakras 1-8 must be completed before commencing this course

DATE: 06/04/2022


Activating Your Lightbody : Chakras 17-24

Chakras 17-24 are the chakras that primarily feed the growing awareness and divine consciousness in the personality body and the physical body.

Chakras 1-16 must be completed before commencing this course

DATE: 20/04/2022


Activating Your Lightbody : Chakras 25-33

Chakras 25-33 are the chakras that reconnect the higher lightbodies in the braiding process. They are often very blocked due to cellular memory release. One will experience no shift in self through any spiritual practice if this occurs, as one must have these chakras cleared to be able to feel the deep shift within.

Chakras 1-24 must be completed before commencing this course

DATE: 04/05/2022


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