Mastering The Mind

Mastering the Mind

Mastering the Mind is a great introduction and we recommend doing this course before any others.

It has been my blessed experience to learn, that the Inner child really does hold the keys to all roads leading home.

An overactive, busy mind is trying to show the part of ourselves screaming for our attention and needing to be healed. I have also witnessed on thousands of occasions that once this need or trauma is resolved and a loving reconnection with the inner child has occurred, the mind will automatically quieten, your symptoms organically resolve and space is now created to be able to hear with clarity our inner wisdom, on the deep level that we all crave.

This part of the process is without a doubt in my opinion, the most vital to our remembrance of who we are and what we are here to do.


Activating Your Lightbody

Many of us are now awakening from our deep slumber and starting to remember who we are. We have, over many centuries created the false illusion that we are limited beings. We have looked outside ourselves for centuries for others to whom we felt were more advanced and have a unique capacity to converse with our God Source. This illusion gave away our power but is now crumbling as we are starting to remember our own connection to the DIVINE and the power that already exists within.

The light body and its full activation is the vehicle that is used for our soul to merge back in alignment with Source and to experience our natural God state.

Mer (Light) Ka (Body) Ba (Soul) – Egyptian translation “Known as the Chariot of the Soul and must be activated to achieve Ascension”