The Inner Child

The Inner Child

 It has been spoken about in many arenas and over many decades, the importance and need to connect to and heal the Inner child. If it is truly your souls calling to expand at this time, the ability to suppress and hide from what lies within is no longer possible without great discomfort. In fact it’s essential to the physical bodies ascension and re-connection to our own divine consciousness. 

Those who seek this expansion are re-remembering and now connecting even deeper into their lost innocence, unleashing a deep desire to know themselves. The need to be fully present with the miss-teachings we have embedded into our subconscious, with the wounds that has over layered our ability to stream our pure divine knowing, needs to be lovingly felt and permanently removed so we are able to see the truth of ourselves and shine the magnificent light that we are.

Those who have chosen to be the way-showers of our time and are calling for their full mastery to come into form – The need to erase the subconscious programming so we are able to be fully present in the NOW is not only possible but with pure intention and daily asking is happening at an extremely accelerated rate.

It is time to join forces – to call in your tribe – It is safe to reach out, to shine brightly and assist each other on the path of this beautiful Ascension Journey…

I’m so incredibly excited about what awaits you

Smiles Melissa xx

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