About Me

Melissa Hadfield

About Me

I am an Energetic Kinesiologist with over two decades of experience working in the intuitive and energetic realms. Using these skills, I run my own business (both in person and remotely) assisting people to understand and heal old wounds that interfere with their health and their ascension, and creating the lives they desire.

For as long as I can remember I have been called to seek all things Divine and Sacred. My life has been vast and very colourful and I have always been searching for ways to understand, to heal and to silence the chatter within, enabling me to connect to my own truth and wisdom.

My life’s purpose and passion is to assist you to discover, unlock and activate your full potential within your body and your energy fields and to support your healing on your Ascension journey.

My programmes can assist you to gently and permanently remove any trauma, including the DNA and ancestral trauma, passed down that negatively influences or interferes with your health and the discovery of your life purpose.

My role as a facilitator is to hold space for you and to transmit Light Codes (Information held as energy in higher frequencies) so you and your divinity can interface clearly.

As we heal, we individually and collectively bring in more light. As we increase our frequency, as our chakras open and evolve and our aura expands, DNA that has been lying dormant is activated. While this Ascension process is both euphoric and exciting, it can bring with it some discomfort and emotional struggles as old lower vibrations arise for review and release.

Shifting these energies allows us to experience higher vibrational realms of multi-dimensional consciousness and experience a more balanced, connected and soul thriving existence. My style of work is new, is unique and is evolving as quickly as we are.

My primary role is to help activate your light body and to assist your DNA to expand into the new available 5th dimensional frequency and beyond. We are entering an exciting new dimension of greater awareness, connection and power.

Many of us are feeling the pull towards a more expanded and heart filled existence. Many of us can feel the deep, soul calling to step into “Who We REALLY Are” and who we are here to become …